Land Banking

Owning real estate has always been a great way to diversify your retirement savings.  We look to CalChoice Investments, a leader in the shared property sector that has been helping investors with land purchases for over a decade.  Averaging double digit returns, making Land Banking as part of your portfolio is a way to own an asset not tied to stock market volatility. 

Land Banking Basics

Buy land before it’s needed for development, based on growth projections.

Hold it for 7 – 10 years.

Sell it for more than you bought it for.

Major companies and investors have been building wealth this way for decades.  You can too, with $40,000 or more in cash or existing investments.

Use funds from your IRA to defer the taxes on your profit or…

Use funds from your Roth IRA and never pay taxes on your profit!



Land banking explained in this two minute video.  Click play to watch.

Land Banking FAQ

Isn’t it risky, buying land in the middle of nowhere?

It is-and that’s NOT what we do. Unlike other companies, we sell ONLY pre-developed land, in the path of growth, on the outskirts of the Los Angeles area. Our team researches and negotiates properties for years before purchasing-so we know our below market pricing has built in value for our customers and will sell for more, based on historical data and market trends.

What’s your track record?

The land we sell is in the path of development in Antelope Valley, outside of Los Angeles. We KNOW it will resell for more due to high demand. From day 1, you’re in a 30-40% equity position, and the average sold properties see an annual double-digit return over a 7-10 year hold period.

Why do I need to add land to my portfolio?

Investing in land is easy to understand, yet so many people tell us they “have always wanted to do this but didn’t know how.” We make it easy to add this wealth-generator to your portfolio. Plus, land is a tangible, low-risk asset that will always have value, and it provides diversification to your portfolio (which is always important due to inevitable market volatility).

What happens after the sale?

We stay in touch throughout the holding period of the parcel, providing updates on development in the area through:

> Quarterly e-Newsletters and regular blog posts

> Seminars

> Property profile updates

> Comparable market data updates

> Plus, we offer online tax support

Can I buy land with my IRA?

Land and real estate can be purchased using IRA money as long as it’s designated a Self-directed IRA.

Land bought within an IRA enjoys tax-deferral on your profits.

Better yet–Use funds from your Roth IRA and never pay taxes on your profit!

I’d like to know more!

Why the Antelope valley?

Demographic History

In recent decades the valley has become a bedroom community to the Greater Los Angeles area. Major housing tract development and population growth took off beginning in 1983, which has increased the population of Palmdale around 12 times its former size as of 2006. Neighboring Lancaster has increased its population since the early 1980s to around three times its former level. Major retail has followed the population influx, centered on Palmdale’s Antelope Valley Mall. The Antelope Valley is home to over 475,000 people.

Wikipedia 2020

Industry/ Large Employers

Edwards Air Force Base

Northrop Grumman

Lockheed Martin

NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

The Spaceship Company

Scaled Composites


Virgin Galactic

Kaiser Permanente

Kinkisharyo International

Waste Management

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